HIP Central Service Center and Helpdesk

HIP Central Service Center and Helpdesk

HIP Central Service Center and Helpdesk - Human-algorithm collaboration

We coordinate all service activities in the distributed HIP core and provide specific services in the areas of image annotation, automatic image analysis as well as validation and benchmarking.

Our unit aims at advancing the manual and semi-automated labeling of image data. For this purpose, we will develop and maintain a variety of image data annotation tools and put into place a joint large-scale online image data annotation platform. Supported projects will receive training of their annotation workers which will be jointly organised by the service unit and the scientific group. A data annotation and training lab will be established.

The service unit will also maintain an open codebase of state-of-the-art analysis methods that are applicable across different domains and will provide tools for production-scale use in the HIP environment.

Furthermore we will support Helmholtz researchers during the performance assessment of image processing algorithms. This will include classical algorithm validation as well as facilitation of the organisation of open benchmark competitions.