HIP Solutions Service Units, Max Delbrück Center (MDC)

HIP Services - Solutions

The HIP Solutions team at MDC is developing generic image processing and analysis algorithms and tools. These tools are applied across all imaging scales from submolecular resolution to aerial remote sensing imagery.

The team plays a key role in the Java-based Fiji and ImageJ software ecosystem, as well as developing with popular Python based libraries and Clojure-based functional programming frameworks. The team has extensive experience in visualization, image analysis, machine learning, image-based modeling, and artificial intelligence.




The MDC team is cooperatively leading the development of sciview, a freely-available, open-source 3D and virtual reality visualization tool for large imaging datasets.

Sciview integrates with the popular scientific image analysis tools: Fiji, ImageJ, BigDataViewer, and more.


The MDC team established and maintains the Lisp/Clojure-based functional programming framework for scientific image processing, fun.imagej. The tool has been used in publications from Development to Nature Cell Biology for analyzing complex large scale image data.