Our services - A HIP service portfolio to the Helmholtz Association

HIP Projects aim to initiate cross-cutting research collaborations and identify innovative research topics in the field of imaging and data science. In addition, they underpin the launch of the HIP network.

Funds for HIP Projects are granted to cross-disciplinary research teams to promote imaging science. Funding of the first HIP Projects started in December 2020. The next call for project proposals is envisaged for Summer 2021.

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Photo of Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Scientific Coordinator


+49 40 8998 5527

The HelpDesk is the central point of contact for all inquiries regarding the Helmholtz Imaging Platform and its services.

Do not hesitate to contact us via helpdesk@helmholtz-imaging.de - we will either help you out directly or get you in contact with someone who can.

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The HIP Service Unit Applied Computer Vision Lab supports Helmholtz researchers in the application of AI algorithms to their custom image analysis problems.

Our services include designing tailored AI solutions, consulting in training data selection and (semi-automated) annotation, training of annotation workers, standardized evaluation of algorithm performance and the organization of image analysis competitions.

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Photo of Dr. Fabian Isensee

Dr. Fabian Isensee

Head of Service Unit

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"


+49 (0) 6221 / 42-2353

The HIP Solutions framework includes the integration of image data, algorithms and visualization solutions across multiple modalities and scales in space and time. The framework will promote the development and application of HIP solutions and other imaging related software developed within the Helmholtz Association across projects and research fields.

For this, we will develop a common data and algorithmic model for the Helmholtz Association that enables abstraction of data access, algorithm implementation, and visualization solutions.

Furthermore we will provide the concepts and algorithms for large, high-dimensional image data stitching, fusion and visualization. Those tools for integration of image data across scales will allow a smooth reconstruction and annotation of large, heterogeneous datasets.

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Photo of Kyle I. S. Harrington, Ph.D.

Kyle I. S. Harrington, Ph.D.

Head of Service Unit

Service Unit "HIP Solutions"


+49 30 9406 2195

The HIP Modalities platform collects and links all relevant information about scientific imaging within the Helmholtz Association. HIP Modalities is the heart of the HIP network. The Helmholtz imaging experts can link to the various imaging modalities, the corresponding instruments, algorithms and HIP solutions. 

At HIP Modalities you can search for collaborators for your next HIP project or find the experts and operators of the diverse modalities for your next imaging research project.

HIP modalities is developed by the HIP Service Unit at DESY.

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Photo of Dr. Philipp Heuser

Dr. Philipp Heuser

Head of Service Unit

Service Unit "Modalities"


+49 40 8998 4622