Vacancies at DKFZ: Machine Learning Engineers

The DKFZ-HIP Service Unit “Applied Computer Vision Lab”, led by Dr. Fabian Isensee, was established at DKFZ to support Helmholtz researchers in the development of custom AI-powered image analysis algorithms.

They are looking for three excellent machine learning engineers with a passion for building AI solutions in the field of computer vision (PhD or M.Sc. in computer science, physics, mathematics or a related field).

  • Start Date: as soon as possible
  • Duration: The positions are limited until 31.12.2022 with the possibility of prolongation
  • Application Deadline:  10.01.2021 (online application)
  • More information: DKFZ Website

Helmholtz AI officially launches the Helmholtz AI voucher system

Helmholtz AI officially launches  the Helmholtz AI voucher system, which serves as a portal to set up collaborations with the Helmholtz AI consultants at all six Helmholtz AI units. 

Helmholtz AI is a platform for science and scientists. With the voucher system we are now facilitating collaborations with data science specialists in a flexible, dynamic and transparent way’, says Fabian Theis, Helmholtz AI scientific director. Working with our AI consultants comes at no cost as all collaborations are entirely scientific.

More information available at

Submission portal:


The first call for HIP projects closed successfully on September 11 with 24 submissions!

24 project proposals have been submitted in response to the first call for HIP interdisciplinary collaborative research projects in Imaging Science. This call, which was opened in mid-July 2020 and is funded by the Helmholtz Association's Initiative and Networking Fund (INF), offers up to 400k€ for imaging projects that pursue innovative approaches in information & data science and strengthen synergies across imaging modalities and applications.

The focus is on promoting interdisciplinary research interaction and method transfer between applications and research fields. "For this reason, we are particularly pleased that all Helmholtz core research fields are represented and that more than 17 different Helmholtz locations are involved in the applications" says Professor Christian Schroer, Lead Scientist at DESY and co-initiator of HIP.

The projects will be completed within a maximum of three years and have the potential for first impactful results at the end of the first funding year. After careful evaluation by an external committee of experts, the funds for the successful proposals will probably be allocated until the end of 2020.

More information and updates will be posted here.

Helmholtz Virtual Data Science Career Day

Are you an imaging expert looking to boost your career? Then visit HIP at the Helmholtz Virtual Data Science Career Day and jump-start the next step in your career.

Whether you’re looking for exciting PhD subjects, postdoc positions or other positions in applied data science, this fair will get you in touch with your future employer.

Vacancy at MDC: Image analysis specialists/scientific programmers (two positions)

The MDC-HIP team, led by Dr. Kyle Harrington, is developing algorithms, data structures, and visualization tools that span the broad range of spatiotemporal scales and imaging modalities represented in research fields across the Helmholtz research community and beyond.

Candidates will develop new, and extend existing, algorithms and tools to address current challenges, while ensuring that the resulting software can be applied in all relevant computational environments and across scales and modalities. The HIP-MDC team is developing software solutions using Java, Imglib2, Python, Tensorflow/PyTorch, Sciview, Clojure, Kotlin, and Docker/Singularity. Potential projects will address challenges in fluorescence microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, image-based modeling, lifelong machine learning, virtual/augmented reality, and computer vision.

  • Start Date: October 01, 2020
  • Duration: 2-year contract with the perspective of extension
  • Application Deadline:  September 04, 2020 via the MDC online application portal
  • More information: MDC Website

HELMHOLTZ AI call for projects is out

The Helmholtz AI Cooperation Unit (Helmholtz AI), will permanently and strategically drive and coalesce the field of applied Artificial Intelligence within the Helmholtz Association. As an interdisciplinary platform, Helmholtz AI will compile, develop, foster, and promote Artificial Intelligence-based approaches for all Helmholtz Centers.
One essential component is funding research projects that address the topics of applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These annual calls are based on the general concept for Helmholtz AI and are in line with the future topics of the Initiative and Networking Fund (INF). These projects initiate cross-cutting research collaborations and identify innovative research topics in this area. In addition, they underpin the growth of the Helmholtz AI network within Helmholtz and with external partners; they include the opportunity to access and employ computing resources of HAICORE.

The objective of this second call for Helmholtz AI projects is to initiate and facilitate activities that address cross-center challenges and methods. It aims at several smaller collaborative projects with the potential to facilitate follow-up projects. It fosters co-development of solutions with potential users.

  • Maximum budget per proposal: 400.000 EUR (50% will be provided by the Helmholtz INF the other 50% will be provided by the funded Partners)
  • Application deadline: 1 December 2020
  • Submission via the Helmholtz AI Application Portal
  • Start of Helmholtz AI projects: April-June 2021

Further Information ara available via the Helmholtz AI Website.

Vacancy at DKFZ: Young Investigator Group Leader Position “Interactive Machine Learning"

DKFZ is looking for an excellent researcher with an outstanding scientific record of accomplishments in machine learning with high interest in interactive components. Within the Helmholtz Imaging Platform (HIP), the independent group will complement the DKFZ image analysis activities by focusing on the design and implementation of algorithms and intelligent user interface frameworks that facilitate machine learning with the help of human interaction. 


The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) develops and implements concepts and technologies to leverage high-quality metadata for research data across research fields and their communities. Its main goal is to make the vast amount of diverse research data produced by Helmholtz Centres findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

The objective of this first Call for HMC Projects is to initiate and facilitate activities that addresspractical challenges in the field of metadata generation and data enrichment. The call aimsat funding promising collaborative projects with the potential to being integrated into the wider HMC framework at the end of the project’s lifetime.

  • Maximum budget per proposal: 400.000 EUR (50% will be provided by the Helmholtz INF the other 50% will be provided by the funded Helmholtz Centres)
  • Deadline for submission: 14.10.2020
  • Submission via the HMC Project Proposal Portal

Further information are available at the Helmholtz Association Website.

HIP Project Call 2020 is out

The objective of this first call for HIP Projects is to initiate and facilitate activities that address challenges and methods across research fields and centres; special emphasis for HIP Projects is laid on developing innovative approaches, which tackle imaging problems. Such projects often are characterised by higher risk, and will therefore have demonstration character. Thus, HIP will provide seed funding for new ideas and aims at collaborative projects with the potential to facilitate collaboration in a larger context.

Further information can be found here.

We hope to receive many creative applications. Please feel free to use the short pitches from the HIP Kickoff Meeting as a stimulus for collaborations.
The proposals can be submitted via the Project Proposal Portal.

Feel free to spread this announcement widely.

Wish you all success.
Your HIP Team

HIP Kick off

The HIP kick off meeting was held on March 12 2020 as online meeting with more than 70 participants from 14 Helmholtz Centres and 5 other institutions with 38 presentations.

It introduced HIP to the wider imaging community, highlighting the underlying concept and structures of HIP. Furthermore, project and funding opportunities within the platform have been outlined and discussed. The meeting promoted the networking between scientists and engineers interested in HIP members and provide a setting to initially develop and explore cooperative project ideas among the participants.